Sunday, March 2, 2008


I just recieved my very first P&C order! I actually got it within 24 hours of having ordered it. I just love it! All the colors are so beautiful. I can't wait to use them. Kirby was excited too, not because of the yarn, but because of the box. Nearly every time we get something in a box, Kirby get's to play with it. (the box, that is) He didn't get this one, but he sure did want it. Immediately, he ran over and sat beside it, hunched over with his head leaning on it! Then he looked at us with his "cute" eyes. It was so funny! Here's a picture. You have to understand he's leaning very hard. You most likely would have laughed if you had seen how excited I got over each new color I pulled out of the box! I think the Mar-di-gras and Baby Ombre are my very favorites. Here it is, all spread out. All my NEW yarn got me curious about how much yarn I had total. So, I got it all out and counted skeins. (Only cotton, mind you, although I don't have too much of anything else.) I had 198 skeins! (Roughly, I already forgot the exact number.) I go through it pretty fast though. :)


I am Joy. said...

Lindy, where did you order from? Patience and I got samplers (wool) from Knit Picks a couple years ago and I still have some beautiful colors from it. It's fun to get yarn!... what will you do with the Baby Ombre?

hakucho said... ...oh my ...oh my goodness...that's a lot of yarn there :) You will be a busy girl for quite some time. I think Kirby wants to learn how to knit ;)

happy HAPPY knitting :)

Tea said...

Aw, Kirby is so cute. I don't know how you resisted giving him the box. Makes me want to send him one. :)

You have a great cotton stash there!
I know just what you mean about the joy of getting a box of yarn. I'm waiting for one right now myself..can't wait!

Joelle said...

Wow, that sure is a lot of yarn! They're all so pretty too!

Karen T. said...

HI Lindy!
Oh joy and rapture!! What a beautiful bunch of yarn you got!! Wow!! I wonder how long it will last?
I love your Feb. mid month cloth...very pretty.
Now I have to ask; does your dog shred the boxes?? I know mine would!
Have a great day and enjoy that yarn! Karen T.

Lindy said...

OH does he shred them! It's the cutest thing. We end up with cardboard all over the floor. :)

Midlife Cycler said...

Hi Lindy..
I figured out that we are making your free Empty Tomb pattern now in the monthly dishcloth group...what an honor that must be for you! I love it!

Heather V said...

Love all the yarn! I just got my first PnC order today & I have to agree that the Mar Di Gras is one of my favs too!

Thanks for your contribution to the KAL, I recognized your design about 25 rows into it. I just finished my cloth this evening, cheated & looked up the rest on your blog instead of waiting for tomorrow! It's beautiful & you are so very talented!

Renee said...

I love your cotton stash! I love how young you are and your talent in designing patterns. I wish my own daughters would take even a slight interest in my knitting passion.

renee in nd

Sally said...

OH MY!!!!! All that yarn!
I want to come play at your house :)

DawnK said...

Yowza, that's a lot of yarn! Your dog is so cute, leaning on the box! We have a fair amount of cotton, but not quite that much!

renaissancewednesday said...

Wow, that sure is a lot of yarn! I love it when yarn comes in the mail, too.

soapy said...

Love your P&C Stash!
Love that Lavender Ice! Where do you order from?

Austin,Brett and Addison said...

WOW! I've NEVER seen so much yarn in my life!