Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wisdom from days gone by.

One thing Mom was always very good about was recording things in our baby books. Now the boys and I each have a book with pages of things we said when we were little. I thought I'd share some of mine with you. :) (Keep in mind that all of this is written from Mom's perspective.)

First sentence at 14 months - "Belt, eat it."

17 1/2 months
-"Nanny, read it to you again....lap" ("you" means me.)
-"Sit counter too. Dry hair with Mommy."
-"Where are you, pacifier?"

19 months
-When asked what she was holding, "Aunt Julie's keys. I sure do like 'em."

24 months
- When looking at her new birthday dresses, she (having heard me the day before say something similar) said, "We'll wait 'til the weather gets cold before we wear those. Those dresses are the cutest ones I've ever seen!"
-Lindy and I were playing in her room and she said, as she pulled out her little pink new testament, "Are you going to look in your very own Bible and see if God and Jesus put the baby in Mommy's tummy?" so she opened up her Bible and turned through severyal pages and then looked up with excitement and said, "Well, I think He did!"

36 months
- (Dialogue between her stuffed animals...) This particular time, she was pretending her big teddy bear was the daddy and the little one was the baby and the daddy's hand was rubbing the baby's head and I overheard her say, "'She's looking pretty for a baby', says the daddy, smiling at her with a little brown smile as he touches her head with his fuzzy little hand."

38 months
-"Jamey needs those toys to keep him occupied."
-"I believe Jamey is indifferent about those toys I brought for him."
-"I got Jamey some splendid toys, I tell ya.
-"You'd better wash me up at once!"

Age 4
-At bedtime, Lindy said first, "Would you like to lay down with me?"... then later, "Would you like to rub my hair?" and after awhile, "Would you like to leave now?"

Age 5
- "I know something I love more than a library book that I don't ever have to give back... you!"

Age 6
- When bobbing for apples, "I get to get apple baptized!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

My 18th Birthday

This post is sadly overdue. My 18th birthday was almost two weeks ago, but seeing how I am still 18, I suppose I'm not too late. :) I spent my birthday and the week after in SC with my grandparents, because my parents were in Canada for a conference and then an anniversary trip. (Their 20th anniversary is this week!) I missed them, but they had a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad they were able to go. I had a great birthday! I went shopping with my grandmother, and my aunt and uncle took me out to eat for dinner. Being 18 feels sort of strange. There are things I can do now that I couldn't before. For example, I could (I think):
- Change my name
- Elope
- Buy cigarettes
- Get a tattoo or piercing
However, I do not intend to do any of those things, so it really doesn't matter. I DID stay in the pool for "adult swim" on Labor Day. :) The next week was great. The boys and I were able to spend time with family on both sides, and it was a special way to end the summer. We have now started school, and I'm in the middle of my Senior year! It's pretty crazy.

Mom and Dad in Canada

Out to eat for my birthday. We're all wearing purple!

My family


My cousin Seamus

We went ceramic painting which, as I've mentioned before, is one of my very favorite things in the world! I painted a little ice cream dish.