Thursday, March 20, 2008

More dishcloths

The Mar-di-gras P&C yarn was just begging to be turned into a new DW cloth! I couldn't resist. :) It's such a beautiful color. I also finished "My Favorite Dishcloth" from Harvest Moon Designs. The title is appropriate! It was very easy, and I love the way it looks.
I'm sure you'll hear from me before then, but if not, Happy Easter everyone!


Lil Knitter said...

That Mardi Gras color is awesome. I haven't seen that one. I need to find me some of that! lol
Okay, now I have to go see Sue and get that "My Favorite Dishcloth" pattern. Very nice.

Tea said...

Beautiful color in the Mar-di-gras yarn & that's a lovely pattern! I love lacey cloths. Very nice!

Tabitha said...

Great dishcloths Lindy. You really do very nice work.

And just wanted you to know that my sock pattern that you commented on recently has finally been posted on my website. Check it out if you like.

Joelle said...

I love both of them, but I especially love the blue one! I still can't figure out how you can do that so fast. You must do it while your sleeping!:-D

hakucho said...

Both of your cloths are lovely. My "favotite" is the DW ;) Your fiesta DW cloth is fabulous. Love the color :)

BunnyStamping said...

Your DW cloth is so pretty! That is my favorite pattern. I think I need to order that yarn. :)