Friday, February 22, 2008

KAL and Kirby

I'm so excited about the latest KAL! Yes, I know I keep saying that, but hey, it keeps being true! :) This is now one of my favorite patterns, right up there with lace cloths. I'm going to be making many more. For this one, I used S&C Tea Rose and Ivory. They look so pretty together!Kirby has a new love - bubbles! Dad brought some home, and he just loves them. I took a really cute video, but I can't get to work. Check back in a few days, and maybe I'll get it. Oh well, here are some pictures anyway. They're blurry, but you get the idea.
Kirby is my baby!!!


Joelle said...

The new KAL is great. They're just getting better and better!

Kirby is soooo cute! I just can't get over him!

carole said...

oooo love the colors. great job as usual!

hakucho said...

I love your new cloth, too...I'm going to have to give it a try. Looks like it will be right up my alley :)

Kirby is just precious! Must be so much fun watching him go after the bubbles!!

I am Joy. said...

Lindy, I found you through Joelle. I am Patience's mom (from Senior Choir). Are you on Ravelry? Patience and I just got onto it and are hoping to get some pictures of the things we've knit posted soon. It's so nice to meet a fellow knitter. I love your stitch markers, too. I have been thinking recently about making some for myself and my knitting friends.

Tabitha said...

I like your color choice for this KAL. It looks so Victorian and romantic. Quite a difference from my hot pink and green. I am going to be trying this cloth out with leftover yarns. It should be fun. Kirby is a cutey.

Tea said...

What a dog! Too cute.

Love the kal cloth!

Oh, I need to make it or I'll surely be kicked of the challenge blog...jk! :)