Sunday, July 26, 2009

Froot Loop Socks!

These socks make me happy, and that pretty much says it all.


hakucho said...

Your socks make me happy, too :) They look oh so comfy and pretty, as well :) Great job!!

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog last night, we have alot in common, except you have been knitting way longer. I have been since I was 11. I love everything about knitting. I am using your princess tiara pattern right now! One of my friends is going to LOVE it! I have only done a couple pairs of socks, the ones on this post are sooo cute. I have a pattern that uses acrylic yarn and knits up way faster socks (slipper socks) Thanks for your pretty pattern!
XOXO Brandie

Austin said...

WOW!! Those are great! They look YUMMY! AND comfy!;) Love, Austin PS: I posted on our summer blog!