Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the subject of tea, and etc...

A cup of tea and a good book. It sounds so very appealing! Several months ago I was very definitely NOT a tea drinker. I'd tried it once or twice, and I thought it was gross. My friend Kara was very much a tea person. She talked all the time about how wonderful it was! It sounded like fun, but when we were together I'd always drink hot chocolate. Then one afternoon (I had had a very hard day.) I decided I needed a cup of tea. I'm not sure why, I just did. I had a vague idea of how to fix it, because Kara showed me once. Soon I was sitting in my chair with a cup of raspberry tea, and lo and behold, I liked it! Go figure. Tea and I are now great friends. I'm also falling in love with teacups, and I've started collecting them. Here are some pictures of my favorites. (Actually, most of my collection.)

My chicken miniature tea set. It makes me smile.

My newest addition, a beautiful cup and pot set.

I got this one a long time ago.
This one is an antique demitasse cup that once belonged to my great (and possibly great great?) grandmother. The baby in the background is me!
I got this miniature set when we went to Colonial Williamsburg.
This belongs to a set I got for my 9th birthday.
My friend gave this to me for my 8th birthday.

Here's the whole shelf.

And here's Kirby. :)


Joelle said...

Awww! That's awesome. I wish I could suddenly like tea. I suppose if I had a nice flavor, like raspberry, then I might like it. I like to drink tea when I'm stressed or sick. I have an interesting bear tea set. I should show it to you sometime.

Tea said...

Wow, I just loved looking at all your tea sets! So cute. You've got some really neat ones. The antique demitasse looks to be in really good shape for it's age.

I bought a snowman tea set for one of my granddaughters at Colonial Williamsburg.'s a good thing. :)

p meeker said...

Tea makes me hyper--I can't drink it. If I do, I like it on the rocks--no sugar.

Where do you have room for all your collections???

Look forward to seeing you again on the 4th! (Make sure you load up on allergy meds B4 the visit.)