Thursday, June 25, 2009

Looking Back

This afternoon for some reason I decided to get out my old journal from 2003. I was eleven when I started writing in it. It's so funny! When I look at old pictures of myself I tend to think of myself as pretty much the same, just younger looking. That (quite obviously) is not the case. My old journal, in a way, is more interesting than the one I keep now, because I really wrote down what I felt, instead of what I wanted to remember. I could be very dramatic at times! Things were so important then that I hardly think about now. I go from talking about some deep secret to writing that I got new "Juicy Apple" shampoo and conditioner, to commenting that the fish we had for dinner was "edible" to worrying about money. Some things I wrote are surprisingly deep, some are interesting, and some are just funny! I had so much fun with it that  I thought I might share a few quotes with you. (Original spelling!) The funniest things are, I'm afraid, a little too personal to post. :)

"I would rather have Nanny and Granddaddy come tomorrow than be the First Lady and a Billionare when I grow up!"

"When I turned 11, my Whole prospect of boys changed. Don't tell anyone about this, OK"?

"there are no words to discribe how I feel about spring."

"Once he called and talked to everyone and when we said goodbye we both said "I love you" and neither one of us thought the other was weird."

"Courtney is coming tomorrow!  I can't wait! I wont be able to write to you for awhile because she will sleep with me like she always does. (Halelewya!)" (Courtney is my cousin)

"I wish asking someone to go home was good manners."

"Its a very long story but the bottom line is that he is an annoying little brother who gets mad when you want time alone with your best friend even if you and your best friend have been playing with him all day and he gets you SO mad that you get him in a choke hold  and then he tells your Mom and Dad and you have to come in for the rest of the afternoon and your so upset that when your dad tells you to come turn your light off and you're getting out of an E-mail and then he tell you to hurry up and you yell I'm Coming and he thinks it's ment to be disrespetful so he sends you to your room and gets really mad. See what I mean?" (I somehow imagine that that whole scenario was slightly different than I described it... :) )

"Just so you know, my life is not a boring as it sounds. I just don't write about EVERYTHING because I just don't have enough time!"


Joelle said...

Oh Lindy! That's awesome! I wish I had started journaling when I was younger, but I didn't. I started last year sometime. I go back and look at what I wrote and it's funny to me. I think keeping a journal is a wonderful thing. :)

Lilly Beck said...

haha! Man you have some intiresting quotes in there! Wish my journals were that quotable!

Austin said...

Wow. You sound excited to be reading your old jounel again! ;_)