Friday, October 10, 2008

Texas! (and a little contest)

You may have wondered why I haven't posted in so long. It's not that I haven't been knitting, although I haven't really had that much time to knit in the past few weeks. I've been in Texas! I go every year and visit my Auntie Ann, Uncle Brian, Austin, (she's 7) Brett, (he's 5) and Addison. (she's almost 3) I had so much fun! The time went by far too quickly. We did so many things in two weeks that I never could write about them all. You wouldn't believe how many pictures I took! (This leads to the contest at the end of the post) We made flower fairies, went to the park, went to a pumpkin patch, (That was probably my favorite thing that we did.) and the list goes on! I love my family. Here are just a few of the many pictures I took.

They made me a birthday cake!

Swinging in the backyard.

We did each other's hair. :) Look at Brett's!

After church.

Austin and I painted each other's faces with sidewalk chalk!

Auntie Ann and and me with our new beanie babies. :)
Addison made me a tea party.

Austin got a potholder loom at a yard sale.

Ceramic painting! Probably one of my favorite things to do ever!
At the pumpkin patch.

Our scarecrow.

The kids got to ride the ponies!


Now, about the contest. See if you can guess how many pictures I took while I was there. The person who guesses the closest will win a pattern from my patterns blog, I'll announce the winner on Wednesday. Have fun!


hakucho said...

It certainly looks like you had a wonderful time!! I bet you took at least 500 photos. You have such an adorable family. I bet they love having you as a guest :)

Joelle said...

Oh, hey! You're alive! It looks like you had a fantastic time! Your family is great! hmmm... I don't know how many pictures you took, probably more than 300. I have missed you so much at CYT but we still quite a few more weeks to wait for the cast list, so you didn't miss much. Love you!

Debbie1085 said...

Happy 17th Birthday Lindy!
I hope it was a blast and you certainly look so much like your Auntie! I am guessing you took approximately 250 to 275 pictures from your trip to TX. Hope you enjoyed it very much. I emailed you last week regarding your dishcloth but hadn't heard back and I understand now why!!!
Happy Knitting!

(Sorry for the duplicate... I posted in the wrong date in your blog!)

Diana said...

Approximateley 175?

Tea said...

Oh my, wonderful trip; Austin & Brett have grown so much! Did you fly to Texas? We're going to the far yon southern tip of the Lone Star State next month for a wedding...wishing it wasn't so expensive to fly seven people!

We've been away, too, so I missed the contest!! ;p _grins_