Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of Birds and Brandon (and dishcloths!)

Our baby wrens are gone. They flew away yesterday, and we were able to watch! It was so cute. Here are two pictures, the first is from the day before they left, and the second is of one of them out on their own.Brandon has been dying for me to teach him how to knit, so we went to Wal-Mart and got him some needles and yarn. He was so excited to learn! I taught him on Tuesday, and he finished his very first dishcloth today. He did a great job! He's already started a second one. This time I'm showing him how to make a Granny's Favorite.

Every night Brandon has to write in his journal about something he's done that day. The night I taught him he wrote about knitting, and I told him if he'd type it on the computer that I'd post it. So, here it is.

Knitting lesson with Lindy

I am learning knitting with Lindy. Lindy is teaching me. Lindy is good at hand making: knitting, hand sewing, sewing machine and cross stitch. I like knitting. I want to make clothes. I’ll give them to my family. I bought yarn and needles in Wal-mart. I picked the color. I’m making a dish cloth. I worked hard at my schoolwork so I could have my lesson with Lindy afterwards. I knitted 21 rows. I want to do this in Korea. I’ll buy more yarn and needles and then make a lot of things.

It did not me this long to finish the June Mid-Month KAL, only to post a picture of it. :) It's such a pretty pattern, and the picture doesn't do it justice!

Last but not least, I've fallen in love with another pattern... the ballband! It was so much fun to make, and I love any pattern that uses more than one color! I just can't believe it took me so long to get around to making one.


I am Joy. said...

He did a really great job for his first time knitting! You must be a good teacher. BTW, I went by Michael's on Monday and they had Sugar'nCream 14 oz. for $5 each! With a coupon it was only $3! I'm hoping they'll still have some next Monday.

Aunt Kathy said...

I have been trying to teach my niece, she isn't catching on quite as fast as I had hoped. Feel like coming to NY to help me???

life as I know said...

You're a very good teacher Lindy, he did a great job, and its evident from his letter, and beaming smile that he really enjoys what he did, and that he thinks highly of you.

Joelle said...

Brandon seems like a wonderful person and a joy to be around! The dishcloths are looking fabulous!

hakucho said...

Way to go Brandon!!! Your family will LOVE all your knitted cloths...I'm sure :)

Lindy, the ballband is one of my all time favorite cloths and it is so many possibilities :)

Tea said...

Good going, Brandon!! Your knitting is perfect!

I love the kal cloth! And your ballband is lovely in pink!

The Gaines family said...

Lindy..... That Ball-Band Looks GREAT! It looks Like A Brick Wall.