Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

Every 4th of July for the past 5 years we have gone to Charlotte to stay with my grandparents. This year was no exception. The morning of the 4th, we got up, put on our bathing suits and left for the pool as soon as possible. Usually the pool is very crowded on the 4th, and there are only 2 places with shade. We got there about when it opened, and got the spot we were hoping for. We swam all morning, ate a picnic lunch, and stayed until about 3. 4th of July at my grandparent's pool is always fun, because they have games for the kids, like a coin toss and a relay race. Sadly, I'm not a kid anymore, but it's still fun to watch my cousins and brothers. Actually, brother. Jamey is too old now too.

My grandmother is still best friends with her college roommate, Kermene. They now live 5 minutes apart, in Lake Wylie, SC. Kermene and Bobby actually live right off the lake, and their dock is the perfect place to watch the big fireworks show Lake Wylie has every year. After the pool we went to their house. We had a big dinner, and then everyone visited as it started to get dark. We were a little worried; there was bad lightning, and if it was raining, they obviously couldn't shoot off fireworks! Fortunately, it stopped in plenty of time, and the fireworks were absolutely amazing! The show lasted for 15 minutes, and really it was too pretty for words! I love the 4th of July. Here are some more pictures.

Zach's sailor pose.

Reed and Will, my cousins. Are they not too cute for words?

Kermene had fun socks for all the kids. From left to right it's me, Brandon, and Zach.

Jamey took this one.
The lake
Waiting on fireworks
On the 5th, we went to see Wall-E.


Joelle said...

What did you think about Wall-E? I heard, (from a VERY reliable 7 year old that it was "great!") It looks like you had a wonderful time!

hakucho said...

Love all the patriotic socks...sure looks like you had so much fun :)