Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This one is so pretty! Usually I keep my KALs, but I think I'll give this cloth to my second cousin, who is getting married in August. I used P&C light green, and I love it with this pattern!


DawnK said...

Very pretty. I did mine in the same color. I just need to do the Day 6 rows now. I didn't have time to knit, over the weekend, because Emily was confirmed, so I played catch-up today.

My cousin just got married on April 19th. I think I should send this to her!

Tea said...

Your cloth is beautiful in light green! Your cousin will love it.
I'm still working on mine, slowly.:) Knit happy!

hakucho said...

Very pretty...it certainly will make a nice wedding gift, very appropriate one :)

Jill L said...