Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kirby's haircut

Kirby's hair had gotten way out of hand. Mom cuts his hair every 6 months or so, and it goes from long and fluffy to really short. It's a big job, he had a lot of hair! He's pretty patient, but he fights it a little when she cuts his face and feet. She spreads it out over several days, and in between, he looks really funny! I thought I'd share some pictures.....
The first day she cut his head and legs. (Doesn't he look like a sheep?)
Then she cut his body
Here he is with only one ear done.
Ta daaaaaa!!!!
In case you've been wondering, I'm not taking a break from knitting. I just haven't been knitting dishcloths as much. I've mostly been working on belts for a craft sale this November. I also joined the Kite Along. I've been having a lot of fun with that! I've made 9 already. I'm using my cotton scraps, in all different colors. The color combination isn't that pretty yet, but once I do some more it will be! (I hope!)


Joelle said...

Oh my word! Kirby looks so different! That's wild!

hakucho said...

That's great that your mom can give Kirby a haircut. My oldest son has been buzz cutting his hair, his brothers and my husband. Sure save lots of $$.

Your kites are so colorful :)

Tea said...

Kirby is too cute!
Yay, for your Mom for giving him a haircut!

Thank you for gifting the KAL group with your wonderful flower pattern! I so love the bobbles!

Karen (Rosesandtea) said...

I think Kirby is so cute. What kind of dog is he? What I really came to say though is that I love the meadow cloth - thanks for sharing it with the group.

Lindy said...

He's a goldendoodle! (Part golden retriever, part poodle)

Karen T. said...

Hi Lindy! Your kites look so pretty!
Those pics of your dog crack me up because often I do the same with our Shih Tzu! He hates having his face and feet done too... :)
Have a great day! Karen T.