Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finally, another KAL!

Being gone most of the summer, I haven't participated in a KAL since June! It's been too long. When I started this one, since I knew I would be working on it on my 16th birthday, I decided to use my favorite color, lavender, which I had been saving. On the second day, I began to think, hmm, wouldn't it be funny if it was a birthday cake? Yesterday, on my birthday, I finally realized that yes, it was! Of all times for it to be a birthday cake! I love the pattern, and it couldn't have come at a nicer time!


DawnK said...

Happy Birthday!

hakucho said...

How appropriate!!
Happy 16th birthday :)

Tea said...

Love the color of the cloth, and your knitting is great, as always. Hope your birthday was lots of fun. :)

Krissy said...

Happy 16th Birthday Lindy.

luv ya,


Anonymous said...

Hi Lindy,
Happy Sweet 16th! I'm a member of the Monthly Dishcloth group and I'm the designer of the birthday cloth. I'm so excited that you made it on your birthday! How fun!
My birthday is on the 21st, wish I could say it's my 16th, it's actually my 52nd.
Good luck with quilting, that's something I used to do.