Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I finished my very first pair of socks! I had been wanting to make some, and then someone sent me this great tutorial. I didn't have any trouble at all! Knitting on the round took some getting used to at first, but after the first little bit it was pretty easy. It's definitely rewarding having a finished pair of socks. I used "Harlequin" in the color "Polar Ice". It was really fun to work with! I can't wait to start my next pair!


Tea said...

Wow! Those are absolutely wonderful looking socks. I'm so happy to be the first to say so. :)

Alethea said...

Wow! Lindy! I really admire you! You are an inspiration to me, grandma-aged that I am! I have never made socks. I bought a book, and yarn and needles, but I haven't done it! Yours are so pretty! Is that the kind of yarn that just does the color changes, or did you do all that yourself? I don't think I could do all that. But it is *beautiful*!! You should be very proud of yourself.


Pam from Monthly Dishcloths KAL

DawnK said...

Cute socks! I have one on-the-needles!

Maria1975 said...

Love that tutorial! I used it about a month ago to make my first pair of socks too!
The yarn is great!

Austin and Brett said...

Wow! They are so beautiful! I think that even a princess would adore them. I can't wait 'til I learn how to knit!

Krissy said...

those are so cool! I bet they will keep you super warm in the winter!!!


hakucho said...

Very pretty socks! You certainly are becoming quite the accomplished knitter!!

happy knitting :)