Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hooked on DW

I finally tried the DW cloth! Everyone has always said how pretty it is, how much they enjoy making it, etc, but I've never actually tried it. It's been on my "To do" list for months. Yesterday, I decided to try. Here's the finished product! I just love it! It was so easy, and it's even prettier than the picture! I plan on making many more.


Amanda said...

You DW cloth is really pretty! I have some cotton in a similar colorway, so I might just have to knit it up in this pattern!

amp13222000@yahoo.com said...

Lindy, great DW. I too, have been meaning to make one but so far my to do list is sooo long that I'll never finish-especially with all the new kal's every couple of weeks. Lots of good wishes and success on selling. Your blog is very well done.
Ann Marie

Tea said...

Your DW looks great. It's one of my favorite cloths. I'll add my pic to the group album when Yahoo stops being cranky. :)

hakucho said...

I love your DW cloth! It is one of my favorite ones to make. Once I made my first one I just had to keep trying out all the variegated yarns in my stash. They knit us so fast, too!

happy knitting :)

Aunt Julie said...

Lindy you must have lightening fingers !!! You made that DW cloth so fast!! Yours looks great. The reason mine is not finished yet is because I am working on 3 other things at a time. This months KAL, some baby booties , a belt and my DW cloth. LOVE YA

Krissy said...

Lindy I love it!!!! Its beautiful!! Those are like my favorite colors!!!
Love it!