Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Empty Tomb

I designed this pattern for Easter. I knitted mine in light yellow, but it's hard to tell the color from this picture.

The Empty Tomb
“They found the stone rolled away from the tomb…” ~ Luke 24:2

Cotton yarn – any solid color
Size 7 needles

CO 40

1. Knit across
2. Knit across
3. Knit across
4. Knit across
5. K12 P9 K19
6. K4 P16 K8 P8 K4
7. K5 P1 K6 P8 K20
8. K4 P17 K7 P5 K1 P2 K4
9. K7 P2 K3 P7 K21
10. K4 P18 K6 P1 K2 P5 K4
11. K11 P7 K22
12. K4 P18 K6 P8 K4
13. K12 P6 K22
14. K4 P19 K5 P8 K4
15. K11 P6 K23
16. K4 P19 K5 P1 K3 P4 K4
17. K5 P3 K4 P5 K23
18. K4 P19 K5 P8 K4
19. K12 P5 K23
20. K4 P19 K5 P8 K4
21. K11 P6 K23
22. K4 P18 K6 P1 K2 P5 K4
23. K8 P1 K3 P6 K22
24. K4 P18 K6 P4 K2 P2 K4
25. K5 P1 K6 P7 K21
26. K4 P17 K7 P8 K4
27. K12 P8 K20
28. K4 P16 K9 P7 K4
29. K10 P1 K1 P9 K19
30. K4 P14 K10 P2 K1 P5 K4
31. K8 P1 K3 P10 K18
32. K4 P13 K11 P4 K1 P3 K4
33. K6 P1 K5 P12 K16
34. K4 P9 K15 P5 K1 P2 K4
35. K5 P1 K6 P13 K2 P9 K4
36. K4 P11 K1 P2 K1 P3 K1 P4 K1 P8 K4
37. K11 P1 K5 P1 K3 P1 K3 P1 K14
38. K4 P10 K1 P3 K1 P3 K1 P5 K1 P7 K4
39. K10 P1 K6 P1 K3 P1 K4 P1 K13
40. K4 P9 K1 P4 K1 P3 K1 P6 K1 P6 K4
41. K9 P1 K7 P1 K4 P1 K4 P1 K12
42. K4 P7 K1 P5 K1 P5 K1 P6 K1 P5 K4
43. K9 P1 K6 P1 K5 P1 K6 P1 K10
44. K4 P5 K1 P7 K1 P5 K1 P7 K1 P4 K4
45. K16 P1 K6 P1 K16
46. K4 P32 K4
47. Knit across
48. Knit across
49. Knit across
50. Knit across



Krissy said...

That's SO cool! I can't wait to see it! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you !!
aunt Julie

Anonymous said...

That looks beautiful - thank you for sharing the pattern with everyone :)

Becky said...

Visiting from the KAL group. Your dishcloth is incredible. I LOVE it. Such talented designers in this group. I am enjoying being a part of it. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I, too, am a visiter from the KAL group. Your designs are so inspiring. I joined the KAL, because of the knitting that we have in common, but I have been so thrilled to find so many believers here as well.

Susan said...

great pattern!!!!

Tea said...

Very nicely done!

Toni in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

brknhrt said...

Your Easter cloth is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pattern with us.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed stitching 'The Empty Tomb' as I said in the E-mail I sent you. It is so beautiful. Today when I was at LYS I found a ball of Debbie Bliss cotton it is a whitish grey that is going to look like the color of stone. Looking forward to knitting several more of these. Again thanks for sharing you talent with all of us knitters. Have a Blessed Easter.

Barbara in FL

Anonymous said...

Ijust fininshed it Lindy @ midnite! I couldn't wait 3 more days to see what it looked like. You really did a wonderful job !! Its beautiful. I will send you my picture tomorrow but for now it's time for bed. Love you !!
Aunt Julie

anne said...

It's beautiful, start making it today!

TibsWolf said...

Loved it ... here is what mine looks like ...

hakucho said...

You are becoming quite the designer! Good for you!

happy knitting :)

W.G. said...

What a neat, neat, cool, awesome pattern for a cloth. And a witness! I like your blog, too; I will bookmark it. :-) Keep up the good work.

PinkBumblebees said...

What a great pattern! I am a new knitter, and I think you are doing a great job. I can't wait to knit this dishcloth. Thanks for sharing the pattern with all of us. ;)

abunchofus said...

Wow! Great job! I will be starting this tonight! You're very talented!

Katie said...

Wonderful pattern, thanks for sharing!