Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

All but three of my Christmas mornings have been spent at my grandparents' house. (If I have this right, we stayed home in 1995, 1999, and 2003.) I am very much a person who loves tradition. My vision of an ideal Christmas is being with family, drinking hot cider by the fireplace, and just hanging out. That (for the most part) is what this Christmas was. I love Christmas Eve almost as much as I love Christmas day! It's so cozy. The end of this Christmas Eve was bittersweet. My great grandmother, who has had Alzheimer's for many years, passed away that evening. Well miss her so much, but to quote my mom, we didn't lose her on Christmas Eve, we really lost her years ago. (She didn't recognize anyone anymore, hardly said a word, and spent her days just sitting in her chair.) She was just in time to celebrate Christmas with my great grandfather and the Birthday Boy in heaven! It was really a new look into the meaning of Christmas. Because God sent His Son, we'll all be together again someday. The funeral will be in a few days. On Christmas morning my brothers and I woke the adults up at 7, like we do every year. (Although this year my youngest brother and I had a hard time waking up my now 15 year old brother in time to wake the adults!) We looked in our stockings, and opened presents, just in time for my aunt, uncle and cousins to come for brunch. I got some wonderful gifts, including several new scrapbooking tools! I've been having so much fun with it all. Christmas evening we went to my dad's brother's house and had dinner with some of his family. Here are some pictures!
Merry Christmas from Kirby!
Making ambrosia, because it wouldn't be Christmas without it!
Me and Mom.
I spent a lot of time playing the piano this year.
With Reed and Will (my cousins) at the Christmas Eve service.
Handing out gifts.

Our gifts to each other!

Jamey was born on Christmas day! We usually have a cake, but this year we had pumpkin bread, and used the only candle we could find. :)

Playing with my cousin Seamus at my aunt and uncles house that night.

Dad and their dog, Greta.

All the cousins on December 26th!

Happy 2009 everybody!


Tea said...

Looks like you & your family had a wonderful celebration! Thank you for sharing all those pictures. :)
Happy New Year!!

"grammiepammie" said...

A "Belated" Merry Christmas to you! Once again, enjoying reading your blog and seeing all the joy radiating from you and your family at this time. Great crafting-love the ceramic ornament!
Best Wishes;
(aka: "grammiepammie"

hakucho said...

Sorry for the loss of you great grandmother. It's always hard to lose the ones you love. I'm happy to hear that you had a nice Christmas...glad it wasn't spoiled for you :)

happy new year :)