Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christmas Knitting in Progress

These past few weeks I've been working on knitting Christmas presents for various people. I've done 9 dishcloths out of 20 so far. I'm having fun! I love Christmas time, and knitting presents is getting me excited. :) I'm almost halfway done! (Last year I was really behind, so I decided to start earlier this year) Here's a picture of the ones I've finished so far, I'll post another once I've made them all. Kirby decided to "help" me. That's his "Am I going to get in trouble for this?" face.


Ane said...

I love the colors you have used for your dishcloths! I found your blog through a Norwegian lady who's knitted your crown cloth, and I really like it. I'm truly impressed by your knitting skills! Keep on knitting.

Greetings from Ane, in Norway.

Karen T. said...

Those colors are beautiful, Lindy! I am sure everyone will LOVE you cloths! Have a great weekend, Karen T.

Tea said...

Hi Lindy! The cloths look so neat all stacked together. You're smart to get started this early.