Sunday, May 6, 2007

Craft Sale

Yesterday I had a table at a craft sale at a local church. I've been preparing for this for 2 months! I had a lot of fun, I was there from 6 to 3. It was outdoors, and it was supposed to rain! We were all praying it wouldn't rain, and it didn't! It DID sprinkle, but only for a few minutes. It went pretty well, I made about $225 profit, but I didn't sell any of my purses that I worked so hard on. It was a nice setup, Each table was a parking space long. There was a bake sale, plant sale, silent auction, and also a live auction after the sale. (I didn't stay for the live auction) I had 2 very nice ladies on either side of me, one sold beaded jewelry, and the other painted glass panels. I gave out 42 business cards. I had ordered some online, but they hadn't come yet, so I spent hours Friday night making and printing some, then cutting them out. They looked alright, but not wonderful. I was thinking during the sale, wouldn't it be funny if they were in the mail waiting once I got home? Well, I got home and checked the mail, and sure enough, they were. It wasn't as funny as I thought. They do look good though. They put the group cloth in a basket with a few other things in the silent auction, and it brought $15! It makes me feel like it was worthwhile.


Krissy said...

Awwwww! All your stuff looks SO pretty! I wish I knew when and where your craft sale was; I would have come. But looks like it went very well! I'm sorry your purses didn't sell, but I'm sure they will soon! Love your knitting Lindy! talk to you later,

Tea said...

What an industrious lady! Can't wait till my dgd sees the pictures!

Enid Danforth said...

Bravo Lindy!!

Love all what you have acomplish and your designs..very nice and good knitting. You are a blessing to my hart today, tell your momma my hat is off to her.!